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Who says convenient can’t be healthy?

We at Pokey Okey believe that take-out can be both delicious and nutritious, so here’s “a fresh take” on poke!

pokey bowls

Our Pokey Bowls

Using high quality ingredients, our three signature Pokey Bowls are inspired by cuisine types that Greater Vancouver residents already love. The creativity and experimentation doesn’t stop there either, as more original bowls will be coming in the near future!

From left to right, “The Green Bowl” is Japanese influenced, featuring ingredients such as Wasabi Peas and “Beni Shoga”, or pickled ginger. This blend of ingredients appeals to more conservative pallets, creating a distinctly Japanese flavour profile.

“The Yellow Bowl” is a nod to poke’s Hawaiian roots. There are various sweet and tangy ingredients in this dish, with the highlight being the Pineapple Salsa. Though raw fruit is fairly common in poke bowls, creating a salsa allows the flavours to blend seamlessly with the rest of the bowl.

“The Red Bowl” was designed for customers who love heat. The marinades for the seafood ingredients are spicy and Kimchi is a defining element in the bowl. It is topped off with special Gochu-Sesame sauce which adds an element of sweetness to balance out the spice.

And for those who are up for it, there are over a hundred thousand possible combinations of poke to cater to your unique tastes, with our Build-A-Bowl option! Get creative yourself and design your own special Pokey Bowl!

About the founders

Pokey Okey is a partnership between two middle school friends, Victor He and Jonathan Watanabe. Despite both having moved away for almost ten years, they have come back and re-united in Greater Vancouver to start this new venture.

jonathan and victor

Jonathan (left) is a graduate of the International Business and Economics program at Tokyo’s Sophia University. Following graduation, he returned to Vancouver to work with a Japanese food supplier where he learned about the inner workings of the local seafood market.

Victor (right) is an alumnus of Northwest Culinary Academy of Vancouver, where he discovered his passion for cooking. He worked in various restaurants locally before migrating to Asia to explore different culinary styles. He spent two years in Seoul’s fast-paced restaurant environment before moving on to Shanghai, where he was able to work under “The Demon Chef” Alvin Leung at a Michelin Star establishment.