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available for september only

The Dragon Bowl
Every month we'll be unveiling a featured bowl available all month long! From brand new creations to seasonal favourites be sure to stop by and check out our ever rotating menu.
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The Dragon Bowl
Grilled eel, salmon roe, pickled cabbage, green onion and fresh wasabi. Served on seasoned white rice and includes miso soup.
Rumour has it, finding seven orange balls will summon a dragon who grants wishes. Nevertheless, we wish that you enjoy this delicious creation!

Fun Fact: "Kamehameha" is the name of the monarch who founded the Kingdom of Hawaii.
Did you know: Pokey Okey only uses genuine wasabi root for all our sauces and bowls!

Compared to horseradish and food colouring, its profile is much milder and more aromatic. Even if you're sensitive to spiciness, consider giving it a try!
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