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Pokey Okey

Poke is a favourite food amongst us, and we felt the struggle of not being able to get a quick, clean bite close to home. We soon realized that this was a perfect chance for us to bring our dream to life by opening our own poke restaurant. After our Richmond location did “okey”, we decided to expand to Burnaby. As Pokey Okey was Central Richmond's first poke shop, it is now Central Burnaby’s!

Who says convenient can't be healthy?

At Pokey Okey, we believe take-out is just as delicious and nutritious as dining in, so here’s “a fresh take” on poke to go!

Our Pokey Bowls

Our Pokey Bowls are made with high-quality ingredients, including our three signature Pokey Bowls. Inspired by cuisine that Greater Vancouver residents already love, our signature Bowls are a must-try! But the creativity and experimentation do not stop there as original bowls are continually being released.

The Green Bowl

Japanese influenced, featuring ingredients such as Wasabi Peas and wakame (seaweed) salad. This blend of ingredients appeals to more conservative pallets, creating a distinctly Japanese flavour profile.

The Yellow Bowl

A nod to poke’s Hawaiian roots. There are various sweet and tangy ingredients in this dish, with the highlight being the Pineapple Salsa. Though raw fruit is fairly common in poke bowls, creating a salsa allows the flavours to blend seamlessly with the rest of the bowl.

The Red Bowl

Designed for customers who love heat. The marinades for the seafood ingredients are spicy and Kimchi is a defining element in the bowl. It is topped off with special Spicy Mayo which adds an element of creaminess to balance out the spice.

The Skinny Bowl

Who said that eating clean couldn’t be satisfying? This low-carb bowl gives you a healthy dose of protein and veggies in a surprisingly hearty bowl. The medium size comes in at less than 350 calories with over 26 grams of protein and almost zero carbs. Keto friendly.

The California Bowl

Sometimes simple is best. This is exactly like your favourite sushi roll, just in bowl form.

The Beefy Bowl

Our take on gyudon, a Japanese comfort food classic. Loaded with simmered beef, this is the perfect choice if you feel like something meaty!

Build A Bowl

For those who are up for it, there are over a hundred thousand possible combinations of poke to cater to your unique tastes, with our Build-A-Bowl option.

Get creative yourself and design your own special Pokey Bowl!

About the founders

Pokey Okey was founded by two middle school friends Victor (middle) and Jonathan (right). After a successful opening, they decided to grow the Pokey family with Keni (left), who happily joined the team to come along for the ride! We also have our newest member of the family, Kevin, mysterious and unpictured.

Jonathan is a graduate of the International Business and Economics program at Sophia University in Tokyo. After graduation, he returned to Vancouver to work with a Japanese food supplier where he gained valuable knowledge about the inner workings of the local seafood market.

Victor is an alumnus of the Northwest Culinary Academy of Vancouver, and during his studies, he unearthed a strong passion for cooking. Before migrating to Asia, he worked in various restaurants locally but was eager to explore different culinary styles. He spent two years immersed in Seoul’s fast-paced restaurant environment before moving to Shanghai where he worked under “The Demon Chef” Alvin Leung at a Michelin Star establishment.

Keni is a renaissance man with a background in interior design and store development obtained by working for a large corporation. After deciding corporate wasn’t a true passion, he found himself intrigued by the restaurant industry and later completed the culinary program at VCC. The experience and knowledge he gained are a few of the many things that make him an invaluable asset to the Pokey Okey Team.

Kevin is a boomerang Vancouverite who moved back to Canada from the US. After living in Seattle for 7 years and working as a software engineer for a FANG company, he wanted to dip his toes in entrepreneurship back at home. He primarily focuses on all the behind the scenes tech-related magic to further scale, grow, and streamline the business.

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